Fox host pushes admittedly unverified claim that “over a hundred ISIS fighters” have been arrested in Guatemala trying to cross into US

Pete Hegseth: Authorities “caught over a hundred ISIS fighters” in Guatemala “trying to use this caravan. ... It hasn't been verified.”

From the October 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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PETE HEGSETH (HOST, FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND): The laws are, as the president calls them, dumb. They don't make sense. They don't protect our sovereignty. That's where you have to go back to Congress and say, it's about time we actually do something about it. A wall is part of saying, you don't get to come into our country unless you prove that you are a refugee. So, go to a port of entry, claim asylum, you'll get your day in court, we'll determine whether it's valid or not. But, you got the president of Guatemala saying to a local newspaper down there just last week, they caught over a hundred ISIS fighters in Guatemala trying to use this caravan or other processes -- 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Are we sure that's true?

HEGSETH: He talked to their local newspaper, we don't know it, it hasn't been verified. But even one poison pill is too many in a caravan. 


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