Fox Host Praises Senator Sessions' Trump Endorsement As “Brave”

Doocy: “You Are One Of The Brave People On Capitol Hill Who's Actually Stood Up And Said ... I'm Going To Endorse Him”

From the March 2 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: This is a, something is happening. The American people are getting focused. I think the Republicans will be in strong position in November, but they've got to be appealing to working Americans and right now [Donald] Trump has clearer message.

STEVE DOOCY (HOST):He does. You know, you are one of the brave people on Capitol Hill who's actually stood up and said, you know what, Donald Trump, I'm for him, I'm going to endorse him. The party elites who you see there in the Russell rotunda as you go between meetings and stuff like that, have they taken you aside and said, Senator, what are you thinking?

SESSIONS: You know, I think we understand the differences of opinion hire. I understand and respect their concerns. I surely do. It's really important that if Trump wins this thing and continues on that he continues this message of unity and bringing our people together to be a more diverse and a bigger party. He's got to continue that message and it's an important message and I think he can. And we'll just see how it plays out.