Fox host links Muslim “demography” to stabbing attack in Paris

Pete Hegseth: “They've got a slow-motion 9/11 happening there ... Demography matters. Muslims are having 2.6 kids, whereas French-born folks are having 1.6 kids.”

From the May 13 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

PETE HEGSETH (HOST): I hate to put it this way, but I think it's true. They've got a slow-motion 9/11 happening in their borders in France. You've got January 2015 Charlie Hebdo, remember the newspaper attack, 12 killed. You've got -- remember the movie, that we've all seen, 1517 to Paris, the train attack thwarted in August of 2015, the Bataclan concert hall attack kills 130 in November of 2015, the Nice truck attack, kills 86, wounds 400 in July of 2016, and also in July of 2016, the 85-year-old priest whose throat was slit in front of worshipers. Due to migration, due to demographics, a silent demographic invasion of France. And if they don't get their arms around it -- listen, demography matters. Muslims are having 2.6 kids, whereas French-born folks are having 1.6 kids. It's a demographic equation and it's not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist, no one's saying that. But the reality is, they've got an ISIS radical Islamic problem there that they don't have their arms around and they're not taking it seriously. And I think French citizens wonder whether Emanuel Macron ever will as well.


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