Fox Host Insists Global Temperatures Have “Stabilized Or Gone Down A Little Bit”

Fox's Rivera Attempts To Counter Doocy's Denial: “Nine Out Of The Ten Hottest Years” Have Been This Century

From the November 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): You know, Geraldo, here's the question -- and we're not going to argue about climate change, although we do know that over the last couple of decades, you know, for the most part the temperature has for the most part has stabilized or gone down a little bit. Regardless of that, though, let's talk about the fact that when you look at polls though, the American people, where you look at their concerns, I think climate change -- 3% of the country says that climate change is their number one priority. And way in front of that are things like terrorism, and security and, of course, our economy.

GERALDO RIVERA (CONTRIBUTOR): Steve, let me just gently disagree, and you know I love you slightly. This will be, 2015, the hottest year on record. We've had nine out of the ten hottest years since the year 2000 in this century. So I think the planet is getting warmer. The question is, what's responsible? It's hard to be in a smoggy day in Beijing --

DOOCY: Geraldo, global warming has slowed significantly over the last two decades. And that brings up the question --

RIVERA: I am not going to debate climate change with you, buddy. I'm not going to debate climate change or religion or politics.


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