Fox Host Falsely Claims Obama's Executive Actions On Gun Violence Threaten The Second Amendment

From the January 5 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Yesterday the news of the day was the fact that the president of the United States may come out with an executive order regarding guns. He's going to come out with it later today. What did that do to gun sales?

NICOLE PETALLIDES: Well, what we've seen with the gun sales overall, first of all, 2015 moves into records. You had over 23 million background checks, right? That even exceeded the 2013 numbers. Everybody is running to buy guns for two reasons. One, we've had shooting incidents in San Bernardino, you had Paris, you had all those school incidents. So there's fear and overregulation, new gun laws and so we're seeing sales and background checks moving to records. These stocks soared in 2015. Smith & Wesson was up 132 percent last year and gained yesterday, Anna, almost six percent. Sturm, Ruger, that was another winner. It was up 72 percent last year and guess what? Gained again yesterday. And they're looking higher again today. You might even see a record high for Smith & Wesson today.

ANNA KOOIMAN (HOST): And not surprising Americans want to take their own personal security into their own hands. Thank you so much, Nicole Petallides. When the second amendment is threatened.


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