Fox Host Claims Feminism Made Male Democrats Let “Hillary Clinton Win” The Debate

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Male Presidential Candidates In The Debate “Seemed To Be Taken In The Back Room By The Feminists And Tied One Arm Behind Their Back”

From the October 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ELISABETH HASSELBECK: When the debate started, I got excited. I saw the preview for the movie Suffragette.

STEVE DOOCY: It looks good.

HASSELBECK: I actually had tears in my eyes. I thought this is something I want to watch with my daughter one day. Only to then start this debate and watch the boys who seemed to be taken in the back room by the feminists and tied one arm behind their back in terms of challenge, letting Hillary Clinton win. They really wouldn't pull the final punch when it came to calling her out on specifics. Even when it came to Benghazi. Anderson Cooper was the only gentleman out there who actually took it to her and followed up and said “Hey, four Americans did die that day.” And she said to almost Trump her initial quote “what difference does it make,” “I'll get to that.” You'll get to that?


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