Fox Host Blames RNC For Not Forcing Trump To Do Their Debate

Brian Kilmeade: “The RNC Could Actually Do Their Job And Make Sure The People Of Iowa Get A Full Debate Stage”

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade criticized the Republican National Committee (RNC) after Donald Trump announced he will not participate in the final Republican primary debate before the Iowa caucuses. Donald Trump announced that he would “definitely” boycott the January 28 debate hosted by Fox News because moderator Megyn Kelly has a “conflict of interest and bias” against him. Kilmeade argued that “the RNC could actually do their job and make sure the people of Iowa get a full debate stage.” The RNC has said it will not get involved in the dispute between Trump and Fox News. From the January 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: But here's the thing. This thing could still be saved. Since -- there's a relationship with everybody. You could get somebody to step in or, get this, the RNC could actually do their job and make sure the people of Iowa get a full debate stage and jump in on both sides and get Donald Trump on that stage. It could still be done. This seems so personal right now. 

STEVE DOOCY: It's his decision. 

ANNA KOOIMAN: Well the podium will be there. The podium is waiting for him if he wants.