Fox host attacks Obama for his criticism of Senate health care bill

Ed Henry: Why isn’t Obama “weighing in in a more positive way” on the proposal?

From the June 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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ED HERNY (CO-HOST): Is [former President Obama] is a good judge of whether or not a health bill is going to work when he promised the American people “you get to keep your doctor, you get to keep your plan?”

MORGAN ORTAGUS: Well, that's a really good point, Ed. In fact, if you look at it from a political perspective in both the 2010 and 2016 elections, his party was decimated in these elections on Obamacare specifically. Almost more than anything else that's what the Republicans ran on. So, I agree with you the criticism that we saw yesterday of a bill that’s still being formed by the House and the Senate was a bit fresh.

HENRY: Sure and Morgan, what about the point that Republicans, in fairness, haven't wanted to admit over the last few years that there have been good parts of Obamacare. Millions more people being covered, for example. But Democrats have not wanted to admit, either, that it's cost a whole lot more money and have you all these insurance companies pulling out. So why isn't the former president, in order to protect his legacy, weighing in in a more positive way and saying “Hey, here is how we fix it?”

ORTAGUS: Well, to your question, he is not weighing in a more positive way because he didn't have a lot of big signature accomplishments over his eight years as president. And two them, two of his biggest accomplishments are things that President Trump is working to undo right away. One is the health care bill and of course the Paris climate accord. And, also, we can't forget about the Iran bill. So these things that President Obama we consider to be major legislative achievements of his eight years, which I would argue there weren't many, are something within his first six months that President Trump is looking to undo. And that's got to sting.


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