Fox Guest Says Diversity “In The Real World” Means Boiled Babies And Women Who “Can't Look Men In The Eye”

Johnny Joey Jones: Diversity Is “A Place Where Babies Are Dipped In Boiling Water Because They Cry Too Much And Then Brought To Us Infidels To Fix. Diversity Can Be Ignorance.”

From the March 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): The education you got in the Marine Corps, serving overseas, what did that expose you to that taught you about this world and America?

JOHNNY JOEY JONES: Well, the irony here is that these are the groups of people who challenge us, challenge those of us who stand up for something, to say maybe we don’t accept everyone or we don’t understand diversity. If you want to understand diversity, raise your right hand, accept the fact that your life may not be as important as the safety and security of this nation, and go see what diversity is in the real world. Diversity is a place where women can't look men in the eye, a place where babies are dipped in boiling water because they cry too much and then brought to us infidels to fix. Diversity can be ignorance. So, this country is diverse, and we celebrate that every day. We don't need to take a nap to see that. Diversity in this country is someone struggling and then achieving the American dream regardless of their race, religion, or sex.


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