Fox Guest: Only “Privileged” Women And “Whiney, PMS-ing” Celebrities Participated In Women's March

On Fox and Friends, frequent Fox guest Crystal Wright and editor of claimed that the Women's March on Washington consisted mostly of “nasty rich Hollywood celebrities” not “most working women.” In fact, more than triple the number of people showed up to the Women's March On Washington compared to Trump's inauguration, and the marches brought together millions of people from diverse backgrounds all around the world and in many cities across the United States to stand up for human rights and women's equality. Fox News received criticism from media figures for their lack of coverage of the marches. Even Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz tepidly admitted his network had not given enough coverage to the marches, saying on his show MediaBuzz that “perhaps” Fox News “undercovered it." From the January 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): A-listers joining the hundreds of thousands of people filling the streets in cities all across the world to protest the new president. But do these marches really resonate with the rest of America, or with all women for that matter? Here to weigh in on this is the editor of, Crystal Wright. Good morning, Crystal. 


What were your thoughts when you saw the coverage of all these marches in different cities around the world? 

CRYSTAL WRIGHT: Well, my first thought was how privileged these women, these liberal women were. They could walk around in their pink pussy hats, raging about how women have no rights. Really? Meanwhile, most women in America, most working women and the 16 million women living in poverty shook their heads, Ainsley, because they're worried about the lack of jobs, unaffordable healthcare and illegal immigration. They don't have the luxury to parade around with whiney PMS-ing celebrities spewing hate toward our president-elect. Ashley Judd, Madonna, you showed, you know, some soundbites from these nasty, nasty rich Hollywood celebrities who are upset that Hillary didn't win. Guess what, get over it.