Fox guest on NFL kneeling, MS-13, and #AbolishICE: “This isn't the America I grew up in”

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt: “What is happening? What is happening to our country?”

From the August 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): We all love this country. I know you do, we know you well. We're reporting on people taking a knee for the national anthem, when we know people have died for this country. We're talking about an organization that's defending MS-13, that chops up people -- not just kills them, chops them up into pieces. And we're talking about this guy who wants to abolish ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and is dancing for sanctuary cities, and a little girl's life is changed forever. What is happening? What is happening to our country? Can you make sense of this? 

THOMAS HOMAN (FORMER ACTING ICE DIRECTOR): You know, I retired a month ago. I no longer work for the president. But I'm not leaving this fight. This isn't the America I grew up in. The America that, you know, I grew up in as a child, and when America used to respect law enforcement and they were held at high esteem. America used to set the precedent -- respected the president. I'm here today, and I'm not going to shut up on these issues. I'm going to keep fighting this fight. Again, I'm not working for the president anymore. But as an American, as somebody that has enforced immigration law for 34 years, I'm concerned. I'm concerned about the future of this country. That's why I'm out here being vocal. And I tell you what, I'm hoping the American people are paying attention to what's going on. The far left wants open borders. The far left wants to abolish ICE. The far left wants to attack the president and his family. They've never let the president be president for a week without attacking him or his family. Think about where we've come as a society, and it's scary to me as somebody who loves my country, and I respect the president. 


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