Fox guest Mark Steyn suggests that people with disabilities who are “a cost on the public purse” shouldn't be able to immigrate

Steyn on a nine-year-old with cerebral palsy: “That's what happens when you actually go by the rules. ... You can't come in if you're going to be a drag on the system”

From the August 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MARK STEYN (RADIO TALK SHOW HOST): I remember listening to a radio station in London, just tootling along, and somebody was asked about the difficulty getting into America. And the guy says on the radio, just put a mid-market hotel chain. Just put Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, everyone thinks that's reasonable. The 9/11 guys put that into action a month later. Still nothing has been changed. Americans shuffle shoeless like a craven cowed people if they want to fly from Chicago to Boston for Thanksgiving. 


STEYN: Meanwhile millions and millions and millions of people around the planet know you can game the system just by ignoring it. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): It's a loophole.

STEYN: By the way I agree with Neil from Guyana who you had on earlier, or British Guyana as we old school imperialists think of it, because when he was talking about his poor sister, that's what happens if you actually go by the rules.

DOOCY: She could not come into the country because she had cerebral palsy. 

STEYN: No. And because you can't come in if you're going to be a drag on the system, if you're going to be a cost on the public purse. Meanwhile, in California the entire hospital system has been overwhelmed by people who don't do what Neil's parents do, who just say, ah, to hell with the whole system.

KILMEADE: In a lot of cases they go right from the streets to the hospital because they get sick and they're not paying taxes.

STEYN: No. And basically California emergency rooms are the Mexican healthcare system. It's ridiculous. 


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