Fox guest on low birth rate: “Bringing in more immigrants” isn't a substitute for “raising our own children”  

From the May 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Why are fewer Americans having babies? 

JEREMY CARL (HOOVER INSTITUTION): Well, I think there's a lot of reasons. There's financial reasons. There's legal reasons that are securing some men out of the marriage market I think. And I think there's value reasons unfortunately. I think we're very much in a live-for-today society right now. That's the message we often get from Hollywood. And anybody who has had kids will tell you, kids are an investment. And a lot of people are not willing to make that investment right now unfortunately. 


CARL: My worry is that in the current situation that we're in that we're not going to have people to pay for the social security for people who are growing old, or Medicare. All these things kind of require a workforce out there. I think I have another sort of side worry, and I touch on this in the piece that I wrote, that there is a lot of, when people look at this, a lot of the politicians are saying well, we'll just fix this by bringing in more immigrants. And my point is there is no substitute for having and raising our own children. It doesn't mean that we can't value immigrants or that immigrants can't bring something to the U.S., but we can't bring in immigrants as a substitute for doing the job of raising our own families here in the United States. And that's -- unfortunately I think a lot of politicians, even some on the right unfortunately, are just treating immigrants like they're just a worker and not a person that is going to have an impact. 


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Correction (12/18/18): The headline of this piece originally omitted the word “more” from the quote.