Fox guest: “The EU globalist agenda and the NATO defense requirements are all intertwined together”

From the July 12 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ANTHONY TATA (FORMER U.S. ARMY BRIGADIER GENERAL): Our financial security and our national security are closely intertwined, and [President Donald Trump is] calling out Germany on the pipeline deal with Russia. And all of that wraps together, the E.U. globalist agenda and the NATO defense requirements are all intertwined together. 

And I think about when -- I saw a comment that President Obama never called out NATO like this. Well, President Obama never responded -- remember the France attacks and the Belgium attacks? During our 9/11, France and NATO actually implemented Article Five of the North Atlantic Treaty, which, an attack against one is an attack against all. President Obama ignored NATO during the France attack, during the Belgium attack. At least President Trump is engaged with NATO, leading NATO, and taking us down this path of a stronger alliance, as was just said, where we have 29 member nations, including Turkey, Germany, and Italy that are leading the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, which is very important. So it's an alliance that is forward deployed as well.


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