Fox Guest Doubles Down On Need To “Infiltrate” Muslim Neighborhoods

Bo Dietl: “Why Not Put Undercovers To Talk To People ... . See Something, Say Something”

From the April 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): If you want to crack down on terrorist activity that happens to be taking place in a Muslim neighborhood, your best asset is?

BO DIETL: Muslim Americans. It's the same as anything. If we're infiltrating Italian mobsters that are hanging out in Italian restaurants, then you use Italian undercovers. If I'm looking for the old Irish Republican Army running guns back to Ireland, I'm going to go into an Irish community. When you mention Muslim American, everyone gets all politically correct, ooh, it's like screeching chalk on a blackboard. Don't use the word Muslim American with terrorism. That's baloney. The fact is, listen, over in Europe we're talking about it now. People are coming into our country through our southern border, people are here. I want to know from the good Muslim Americans what's going on in the community. And I want them to interact with the police. I love the fact that you have more police speaking Arabic, uniform. Why not put undercovers to talk to people in communities. Hey, you see anything suspicious, see something, say something. Why is it so freaking politically uncorrect to report these things?

KILMEADE: Well Donald Trump comes out and he says listen, I would -- excuse me, Ted Cruz came out and said I want to increase patrols in Muslim neighborhoods.

DIETL: The way it was said was, makes everybody cringe. I'm not looking for watchdogs all over Muslim communities. I'm looking for the same interaction that we have when we're looking for gangs up in East Harlem, or motorcycle gangs up in the Bronx that are causing all kinds -- of selling guns. You put undercovers. What are you going to use? You going to use Bo Dietl there? No, you'll use an African American or a Hispanic to infiltrate, the same as the Muslim neighborhoods. If there's a possibility of something happening, where is it going to happen? When they had the blind cleric in New Jersey before 9/11, the first World Trade Center attack in '93 --

KILMEADE: He was going to blow up all the tunnels and bridges.

DIETL: Right, but, and where do you think they get information? I talk to Ray Kelly -- with all respect to Bill Bratton, who I love very much, he's doing a great job protecting our city. But I want to stop something before it happens. Ray Kelly told me there was two incidents where they had interaction, where they had cooperation, of two attacks and they stopped it. Come on, let's be real. It's coming here.


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