Fox guest deflects from report that Trump wanted loyalist heading Russia probe by saying Democrats are responsible for “a Russian misinformation campaign”

Former G.W. Bush speechwriter Ned Ryun (on Russia probe): “This is mind-numbingly stupid”

From the February 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): The New York Times is calling out the president for a, quote, “secretive assault on the machinery of federal law enforcement.”  


EARHARDT: So The New York Times is all in on this. But is it unusual for the president? He's defending himself against these attacks and these investigations. 

NED RYUN (REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST): Well, first of all, Ainsley I have to point out, you know, it's pretty incredible how many in the fourth estate have decided to give aid and comfort to the enemies of this administration and literally just be a propaganda machine for the deep state. But they claim it's unusual for Trump to be attacking the investigations. I will tell you what's unusual is the fact that we spun up the surveillance state and a counterintelligence operation against a sitting president of the United States based off a fake dossier. 


RYUN: This is incredible, Steve, when you think about this whole investigation was spun up on a hoax, a lie, illegal leaks, this fake dossier. It's a foundation of error. And only in Washington, D.C. with the propaganda mainstream media would any of this make sense. In the real world, you know, I look at a lot of this stuff and I think the Clintons and the DNC actually funded and facilitated a Russian misinformation campaign. When you look at Bruce Ohr's testimony, that Christopher Steele's main source was an ex-Russian intelligence officer and Fusion GPS was working for the family of a Russian oligarch the summer of 2016. This is insane, this is mind-numbingly stupid.


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