Fox guest claims the Democratic Party wants to revert “to the days under Jim Crow”

Kathy Barnette compares credible sexual assault allegations against Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh to decades of racial terrorism 

From the October 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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KATHY BARNETTE (RADIO TALK SHOW HOST): I sat and I echo the sentiment of so many mama bears who sat and watched Democrats try to destroy a really good man. And I think we need to get our minds around where -- who the Democratic Party is, and where they were trying to take us back, whether you want to say back to the days of McCarthyism, where an allegation can destroy your life, or back to the days under Jim Crow law. I grew up in the very deep south, and I remember the stories of Emmett Till, a young Black boy, who was brutally beaten and murdered because a white woman claim -- made an accusation that he tried to talk to her. Or what about the nine Scottsboro boys, young Black boys ages 13 to 20, five receiving the death penalty, because two white women falsely accused them of raping them. I saw women who had at the Supreme Court a sign that says, “Believe Women.” No, in this country we believe the evidence. 


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