Fox guest cites Trump's use of an ethnic slur when talking about Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “brilliant”

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Citation From the August 27 edition of Fox News Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): One of the things they do in wrestling is you -- you know, you're either a baby face, you talk about, or a heel. And you try to demonize the opponent. Does that sound familiar to this?


DOOCY: Since you said that there could be a component to Wrestlemania in his DNA, that makes sense now.

MIRANDA DEVINE (NEW YORK POST COLUMNIST): Absolutely. Because it's all about good guys versus bad guys. And the villains are the heels, and Donald Trump has an entire stable of them with the Democrats. You know, "Pocahontas" -- he's brilliant at assigning them these catchphrases, which is another -- you know, "Make America Great Again," his trademark catchphrase, that's another sort of wrestling idea. It used to be "you're fired." I think this one's much better.