Fox Guest: “Blacks Should No More Vote For Hillary or Bernie Than They Should The Grand Wizard Of The KKK”

Crystal Wright: Democrats Should Have Said “Stop Having 72% Of Your Babies Out Of Wedlock And Your Kids ... Won't Be Massively Incarcerated And Arrested”

From the February 12 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders slamming law enforcement and our criminal justice system at last night's debate again, in an attempt to appeal to  minority voters. Will it work? Is that a strategy? Joining us right now to react is the editor of Conservative Black Chic and the author of Con Job, Crystal Wright. Crystal, looking right there and that approach, does that resonate in the black community?

CRYSTAL WRIGHT: It doesn't resonate with me, but yes it resonates to black people who want to keep buying the Democrat lies. I mean Brian, don't we hear this every presidential cycle? Every election? Over the past 50 years, Democrats say the same thing about black people, we've got to stop the mass incarceration, we've got to stop the high crime, high employment. Have any of those problems been solved? No.

KILMEADE: Right. But Republicans to their detriment don't try and the Democrats take it for granted. But now it'll split the difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Do either one of them deserve that vote, from what they've done and what they plan on doing?

WRIGHT: Bernie and Hillary, just like Barack Obama and every Democrat before them, has done nothing for black people but tell them lies. And then what happens is they look at black leaders and they fight to pimp out the black vote. So they are jockeying now, Bernie and Hillary. They're fawning all over the black leaders and they are trying to get black people to tell us, like we're dummies, hey black people, vote for these Democrats who aren't going to do anything for you, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. I have always said Republicans need to go out there and ask for the black vote. Because blacks should no more vote for Hillary or Bernie than they should the grand wizard of the KKK, because they keep giving us all these bad policies. And last night you know what they should have said, Brian? Hey, black people, stop having 72% of your babies out of wedlock and your kids won't be going, won't be massively incarcerated and arrested.

KILMEADE: Well, that'd be an interesting message. I'm not sure it would have resonated, unless you said it.


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