Fox Guest: “Blacks Have Shown A Slavish Support For The Democrat Party”

From the February 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): I understand you're not confident that the Republicans would win a majority of the black vote, but there is one Republican candidate who you think the African-Americans can identify with.

CRYSTAL WRIGHT: It's Donald Trump. Many people probably don't like me saying that. Because Donald Trump actually is the only person bothering to talk to black people and ask for their vote. He has a black spokesperson, you've seen her, Katrina Pierson. In his immigration plan he talks about how deporting illegals is going to help black unemployment and create black jobs, not pander to Black Lives Matter. So he's the only one really talking to black voters in my opinion on the Republican side.

ANNA KOOIMAN (CO-HOST): Well and earlier, last year he tried to court about 100 African-American evangelical pastors. It didn't end exactly the way that he wanted it to. However, he has been quite outspoken about the Oscars and the lack of diversity. So I guess he has that going for him. On the other side of the aisle, let's talk Democrats. And you have a theory that they are essentially buying the African-American vote. What do you mean?

WRIGHT: I think it's so sad when it comes to the black vote. Blacks have shown a slavish support for the Democrat party for over 50 years. And part of me wonders if the Republican party should even bother asking for the black vote because black Americans seem to like being political dummies. There's -- we're the only race that has voted lock, stock, and barrel for the same party for over 50 years. So, it's really on lockdown. And you know what, people -- Hillary Clinton is already owning the black vote. And I think she's owning it because, oh, she was married to the first black president. I mean, that's all Democrats have to do. It's a sad state of affairs for blacks when all they have to do is pander and insult to black Americans decade in and decade out. And we keep coming back for more misery. It's like we've given up on ourselves economically by voting for Democrats.


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