Fox & Friends Weekend attacks the “entitled spirit” of “ungrateful” migrants 

Pete Hegseth: “Are you coming to this country you want to go to with a grateful spirit or are you coming with an entitled spirit?”

From the November 18 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Weekend

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ED HENRY (CO-HOST): Our affiliate, Fox affiliate in San Diego talked to various people in San Diego, in Tijuana, and there were some folks there who were trying to help the migrants, and they were cooking them food and what not. And this one resident said the migrants are complaining that they don't like the food we're feeding them, and they're making a big mess. And you have to think, we've heard all of these stories, these gosh, the migrants are so poor and desperate, we should try to find a way to help them. And here are people who are trying to cook them food, and they're saying we don't like that food. I mean, talk about being ungrateful. It's bizarre. 

JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): Another instance where you have to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Where you're sitting there, you're in your home and suddenly there's a lot of strangers in the area, you don't know them, you don't know what their agenda is. You don't -- you don't know anything about them, you're trying to help them. You can't navigate your own neighborhood anymore, you don't know what's happening. It can be confusing, it can be scary. Of course there's some positive stories that have come out as well, but just putting yourself in the shoes of people, where we're talking about this with a little bit of physical distance. These people, it's their front yard, it's their back yard. 

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Yeah, and there's going to be protests in Tijuana today as a number of migrants gather there. It's not entirely sure whether they'll all try to go through a port of entry. Some have talked about trying to bum rush the border, we'll see what happens. But Ed, to your point, the guy's name is Jose Vera; he said “the migrant caravan, a lot of them are unappreciative. My family told me they don't like the food that's given to them, and they're making a mess everywhere.” To me it's, are you coming to this country you want to go to with a grateful spirit or are you coming with an entitled spirit?

HENRY: And by the way, the mayor of Tijuana is asking for $4 million from the Mexican government to deal with security and problems around the caravan. So when the president of the United States says we've got to watch this caravan, there may be bad elements, this may turn out to be something that's bad for the United States, he's called a racist. When the mayor of Tijuana says this is getting out of control, I need money, they're ungrateful -- what will the left say now, I guess is my question. Are they going to call the mayor of Tijuana a racist? Are they going to say he's being mean to the migrants, when the migrants are not grateful for the meals they're getting?


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