Fox & Friends Uses Photo Of Clinton Slipping On Stairs To Fearmonger About Her Health

From the August 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): But it seems there's a double standard for the Democrats. This photo causing concern causing some controversy this week of Hillary Clinton being helped up those stairs, look at that, at a campaign stop in South Carolina in February. Should we know more about her health history? Here to discuss this is Dr. Marc Siegel of the Fox medical-A team and neurologist Dr. Fiona Gupta. Thank you both for being with us. Great to see you too. So how important is it for us to see the presidential candidates' health records?

DR. MARC SIEGAL: Well I think it's very important. Ainsley, in 2008 we put the bar at a different level because of John McCain. I looked at his records and I said, this is ridiculous. But after I looked at them I said, OK, let's be consistent now. Let's do this for all candidates, especially if they're elderly. The same point that was just made in the set up. Well guess what, Donald Trump is 70 and Hillary Clinton is almost 69. I want to see both their full records. Let's be fair. And Hillary in 2012 had a huge concussion. She sustained -- she was found to have a blood clot on the outside of her brain. I've been asking since 2012 to see her neurological records. Her internist revealed in a statement that after her concussion she recovered, she had an MRI, everything was fine. Her follow-up tests were OK but no neurologist has ever come forward and we've never seen her records. I want to see her full records. 

EARHARDT: That's why we brought you on, Dr. Gupta, so you can tell us, from a neurological perspective how the concussions and things like that affected her. But first, let's show the audience what we know as far as her medical records are concerned, the time line. And to be fair, we don't have Donald Trump's because he hasn't held public office. But let's start with Hillary in 1998, she reportedly had a blood clot in her leg. In 2005, stomach virus and faints before a speech, 2009, fractures her elbow in a fall walking to the White House. 2011, falls boarding an airplane in Yemen. 2012, she faints, hits her head, suffers a concussion. Has to wear glasses for double vision. 2012, diagnosed with a blood clot following her fall and then in 2016 photographed as you saw being helped up the stairs in South Carolina. So from a neurological perspective, a lot of this has to do with her brain, with her mind, the concussions. What should we be concerned about? 

FIONA GUPTA: Yeah exactly. Neurologically speaking, again, as Dr. Segel mentioned for both candidates, medical history, neurological history, has to be a transferred. This is a long and rigorous campaign. Secretary Clinton has had a history of unexplained falls, a fall leading to a post-concussive syndrome, which was documented, and then a cerebral venous thrombosis that was discovered post-fall. So I think follow-up is important, but again, not to just speculate, that would be kind of irresponsible or unethical but to really get a good history and follow-up. 

EARHARDT: How do you explain the faintings? The concussion, the faintings, that just is not normal for most people. 

GUPTA: Falls can be because of a myriad of issues. I mean in her case there was reports of dehydration, gastrointestinal illnesses and lots of travel. Stress of that could cause some of this too.

EARHARDT: Dr. Siegal? 

SIEGAL: She's also on blood thinners. So I would put those two together and say whatever the causes of the falls, we have to be extra careful for anyone that's on lifetime blood thinners. She's on them because she's had repetitive clots, one in her leg and one on the outside of the brain. So she's obviously being watched for that even though she's never been found to have a coagulation or a clotting disorder. Her father died of a stroke at a young age. Could there be a family history of that? This would make you want to watch her more carefully and, again, see the full records. I want to see what a neurologist like Dr. Gupta actually said in writing about her. I'm sure she's fit, but this is what the public has a right to know.

EARHARDT: John McCain released pages and pages. 

SIEGAL: Thousands.

EARHARDT: Both of them, their doctors have released one page each. Her doctor in 2015 said she had been treated for a concussion, blood clots and under active thyroid gland. Donald Trump's doctor released a letter saying his health was extraordinary.


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