Fox & Friends: Trump official's NY Times op-ed “is cowardice masquerading as conscience”

Pete Hegseth: “Patriotic journalism is largely dead”

From the September 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Is this an example of [The New York Times'] bias against the president?

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Or are they just putting an editorial in that they think is credible? Joining us right now to react is Fox & Friends Weekend host, Pete Hegseth. Pete, you know the president well. How do you feel he's handling this? 

PETE HEGSETH: Well, he's calling this person out for not having the courage -- this is cowardice masquerading as conscience. This -- whoever this anonymous person is, wrapping themselves in a flag trying to say they're saving the country, but they're actually using that as a shield to try protect Trump from the American people, in their mind. The American people didn't vote for the deep state, they didn't vote for the “stable state” --

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): For this guy. 

HEGSETH: This guy, they didn't. They voted for the bomb-thrower who is going to disrupt things, break up the status quo, fight the establishment. This is more evidence that, at every turn, this is the type of resistance he will face. Patriotic journalism is largely dead. Really, The New York Times doesn't care about the success of this administration. They want to defeat this president and this is more evidence of that. 

DOOCY: This particular op-ed is giving Trump supporters a great big can of gas. Because this proves the president's point, there is a deep state there, they have confessed in the pages of The New York Times to try to subvert what the president of the United States who was duly elected --

HEGSETH: That's right. 

DOOCY: Is trying to do. 

HEGSETH: You're allowed to not agree with this president. If you don't agree with him, confront him, resign in protest, take a stance, and then write your op-ed and talk about how terrible you think it is inside the White House. But, this is what so many people fear and understand is happening. We've seen it from other administration figures more openly. David Shulkin at the V.A., McMaster at the National Security Council --

KILMEADE: Gary Cohn --

HEGSETH: Gary Cohn, who show up and then they say, “You know what, my job is to sort of slow walk what this president is trying to do because I don't like the pace of change, or I don't like the way he says it.” That's not what the folks who voted for Donald Trump want. They want the disruption, they want the freak out in Washington, they want the swamp to react and rear its head, and this is more example of that. 

EARHARDT: Many people in the media, they ran with this yesterday, they were so excited because they don't like the president. Do you think middle America cares about this? What do you think their opinions are as they're waking up this morning?

HEGSETH: No, I don't think middle America cares what this writer wrote, just like they're not going to care that much about what Bob Woodward wrote. There's plenty of people who want to talk, there's plenty of rumors out there, there's plenty of people don't like this president. 

They look at the top line, which is the bottom line, which is their jobs are better, America is proud, we're fighting back against these slanted deals, China's been rigging us for years. I've been educated on trade by this president on how important it's been. These are the things that matter to real people. Also the culture wars. They don't want folks kneeling for the anthem. They want people to stand and be proud of the flag. They see a globalist agenda of elites, that's what The New York Times editorial page is too. They want to fight that, not like, agree with it.


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