Fox & Friends tries to justify Trump demanding loyalty from Comey because it’s what a CEO would do

Steve Doocy: Trump had to question Comey about his loyalty because he was appointed by Obama, “and Barack Obama had a bunch of people who were trying to blow up Mr. Trump as he came into the presidency”

From the June 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): [Former FBI Director] James Comey is going to be grilled today in front of the Senate [Intelligence] Committee, and his attorney is coming out, saying -- he released a statement, saying he feels -- after James Comey released his opening statements, his attorney, President Trump's, is now saying, “We feel totally vindicated.” Can we put up the statement? 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Yup, there it is.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): We can right here. Here's exactly what he said. “The president feels completely and totally vindicated. He is eager to continue to move forward with [his] agenda.” So what's he talking about? Well take a look at the cover of the New York Post today because it's all about the Comey show. “FBI director told the president he wasn't under investigation,” and did that three times. That's what President Trump said. He said, “James Comey told me three times I was not being personally investigated,” although there were some other news reports out over the last 48 hours or so that said he would refute that. Not true. The president was right and that's why he feels vindicated.

KILMEADE: The other stuff was pretty accurate that had leaked out prior to -- through Comey surrogates,who obviously he was -- he had let those memos out. He did take notes after their meeting. They are going to be obviously front and center. He has coordinated with [special counsel Robert] Mueller, who's doing the overall probe to make sure he's not going to say things that'll mess up the investigation. What's good for President Trump is three times he asked for, and verbally got, he goes, “There's no investigation of me.” He said, “yeah. There's no investigation of you.” “I would like you to tell people that.” And to me, knowing President Trump as well as you can, as not being a member of the family or working for the organization, that is totally Trumpian. He's trying to say, “I'm trying to get my agenda forward. Behind the scenes in Washington, it's not moving because of this Russian probe. Since you're not,” -- yeah -- “since you're not investigating me,” and the people like Paul Manafort and Carter" --


KILMEADE: I can't remember this guy's last name. “Carter Page and others are the problem. [Former national security adviser] Michael Flynn's no longer here. Can you push this to the side, work on that, and exonerate me so I can do health care and everything else that I want to get done.”

EARHARDT: That explains why in the phone call, I think it was on the 30th of -- I have the dates written down. But anyway, on one of the phone calls that he had with Comey, it was on March 30th, he said, “Can we -- what can we do to lift this cloud?” the Russia investigation, because he wants that cloud lifted so that Republicans can go on and do the job that they were elected to do. 

DOOCY: Sure, he's not saying, “Stop the investigation.” Also, the headline all over the place is that the president asked Mr. Comey, “Are you going to be a loyal guy?” Keep in mind Mr. Comey had been appointed FBI director by Barack Obama, and Barack Obama had a bunch of people who were trying to blow up Mr. Trump as he came into the presidency. Also, if you're a CEO or a leader, that's what you want your team to be, a bunch of people who are loyal to the team, and, in fact, we have heard he asked many other members of the cabinet that.


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