Fox & Friends Sunday host: “Bombshell” reporting on Trump's scandals “means nothing”

Rachel Campos-Duffy: “Every other day it seems like they have another bombshell that means nothing”

From the August 19 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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TODD PIRO (CO-HOST): How important is George Papadopoulos to this whole thing?

GREGG JARRETT (FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST): Well, as can see by those clips, the media was completely wrong, and guys like [CNN's Jim] Acosta, I suspect, never have opened a law book. You don't have to be a lawyer to understand the fundamentals of law. It's not conspiracy to defraud the government, it's not honest services fraud, it's not a violation of campaign election act laws. It's none of those things, and yet the media would lead their readers, and listeners, and viewers to conclude that the president is guilty of all manner of criminality when, in fact, he's not. Papadopoulos was never the trigger for the Trump-Russia investigation. 

PIRO: Right. 

JARRETT: The New York Times --

ED HENRY (CO-HOST):  The New York Times claimed that. 


JARRETT: Yeah, The New York Times was duped by FBI officials who were actually trying to cover up the real reason, which is that they used this fabricated, phony dossier to launch the investigation and to wiretap the Trump campaign, and so The New York Times is either gullible or stupid, maybe both. 

CAMPOS-DUFFY: We saw that from that report. Every other day it seems like they have another bombshell that means nothing, and they keep thinking they're going to bring [Trump] down, and it doesn't work.


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