Fox & Friends Suggests Trump Pay For The Wall Through Corporate Sponsorships

Fox Host Brian Kilmeade: “This Wall Brought To You By Modell's”

From the April 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): It's one of the president's most coveted campaign promises, building the border wall and cracking down on illegal immigration. Nearly 100 days in office, how has the president done on both those counts? Here to continue our week-long 100-day series, is GOP strategist, former congressional candidate herself, from Florida, Noelle Nikpour. We brought her up here to talk about this. Alright Noelle, the first topic that you wanted to bring up is enforcing immigration policy. How's he done on that, give him a letter grade. 

NOELLE NIKPOUR: You know what? I'd give him an A and I'd give him an A+ and here is why. I think that what he has done, especially with the sanctuary city crackdown, is absolutely wonderful. It is necessary, we are harboring, like Trump likes to say, the “bad hombres.” I think that for once we are seeing movement on this and you can tell that he's doing a good job because the cities are pushing back.

KILMEADE: And in the cities they're saying, “Well, do we want [INAUDIBLE] the money going to illegal immigrants or our kids,” and they're posing in the right direction. Next, securing the southern border wall. We were just talking about this. He has given in on the CR [continuing resolution], when it comes to, at least until September, getting $2.5 billion to start putting the bricks together.    

NIKPOUR: You know what? We were just talking about this and we brought up an interesting point that I think you'll agree. Look, there are other ways to do this. Donald Trump is a negotiator, he's a deal maker. And everybody knows this. And here's something that's kind of interesting. If I were advising Donald Trump, I'm a national fundraiser, I would say, “You know what, here's an idea, why don't you see if you can't get it privately funded?” Privately funded, meaning, if you donate a certain amount -- let's just say that the number is $12 billion to get this wall implemented, alright? So you had the $12 billion dollar figurehead, and you go to donors, you go to different people and you say, “Look, if you will contribute towards this privately, look what your money's going to,” I mean, what a better deal that you're a part of this.

KILMEADE: And you can get a tax break on this. Or you could do it the fly out the sponsor way: This wall brought to you by Modell's. Or Aetna. Why not do it?

NIKPOUR: Yeah yeah yeah, and look at you know what Ted Turner I think gave a billion dollars to the UN Foundation, and look at this, I don't think he paid taxes for -- federal taxes for a lifetime.

KILMEADE: Cut a deal, Mr. President. And that's good.


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