Fox & Friends snickers at salad

This morning the crew of Fox & Friends tackled the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, a piece of legislation championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and signed into law by President Obama Monday. Because this is Fox & Friends, and because they're reflexively anti-Obama and, in many ways, children themselves, this was their take on it:

Get it? No? Let me explain.

Back in 2008, Obama mentioned arugula once. And the Republicans thought this was funny because arugula is somehow elitist, so they started joking to reporters about how that effete Obama likes to munch on arugula in fancy restaurants because he's so out of touch. No one really bothered to explain why this unassuming salad green was elitist, but because reporters love it when Republicans make jokes about “elitist” Democrats' food choices, they too seized on arugula as a vegetal avatar of Obama's snooty disconnect with Average Joe.

The problem was -- as it is now -- that there's nothing elitist about arugula. It's just salad. It's sold in regular supermarkets and grown by Iowa farmers. It even made an appearance on a certain Fox News morning show on Labor Day, as chef Jim Butchart prepared for the Fox & Friends audience a grilled peach and arugula salad with pickled red onions and a simple lemon vinaigrette. The host, for good measure, said the arugula salad “looks very yummy and healthy”:

If any of our elitist readers would like the recipe for the salad, it's posted on the Fox & Friends website -- “This is a very colorful salad that screams summer time.”

Arugula for everyone!