On Fox & Friends, Sebastian Gorka claims Uranium One is “probably the biggest” national security scandal in decades

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Dr. Gorka, Hillary Clinton said yesterday that if the Department of Justice comes after me, that is an abuse of power if they were going to appoint a special counsel. What say you about that?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: It's only an abuse of power if she thinks that having the last name Clinton means that she is above the law. She isn't. We have a clear case here of pay-for-play. Not only do we know the FBI was investigating the Russian corruption in America, bribing people involved with the deal for uranium, we know that she was the chairman of the committee that had to approve that sale. And at the same time, that she had to approve the sale of 20 percent of our uranium to Russia, Steve, to Russia, her foundation received $145 million and her husband received half a million dollars for one speech that he gave from the same people that were buying the uranium.

DOOCY: Dr. Gorka, we just had on the confidential informant for the FBI's attorney. And she said that he was telling his FBI handlers, who he was bribing and stuff like that, and the FBI told him that the director of the FBI knew about it and so did the president of the United States before this deal went through.

GORKA: Not only that -- not only that, Steve, the then-attorney general, Obama's Attorney General Loretta lynch threatened -- we have the email, threatened that FBI informant that if you don't shut up, if you don't keep quiet about everything you know, we will put you in prison. She threatened him. That's how out-of-control the last administration and the Clinton crime cartel was. And now we need to have it investigated to the absolute ends of this trail.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Dr. Gorka, one of the co-founders of Fusion GPS, his name is Glenn Simpson, he had a seven hour closed door session before the House Intel Committee. And he told them he never verified what was in that dirty dossier before he peddled it to reporters. Your thoughts?

GORKA: Yeah. This is the story that just keeps on giving. So, we've got this massive national security scandal, probably the biggest one since the end of the Cold War, 20 percent of our uranium sold to the Russians with Clinton's acquiescence. And now we've got this dodgy dossier. We now know this dossier was built upon Russian propaganda, fake sources. It was used to besmirch the Trump campaign. And here is the big thing, Ainsley, that dossier was also paid for by the FBI, the Clinton campaign, the DNC paid $12 million for it, and then Robert Mueller briefs it to President Trump, leaks that briefing to his buddies in the media --

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): You mean James Comey?

GORKA: Sorry, James Comey briefs that to the president, leaks the briefing. So what happens? We get a special counsel, his buddy, Robert Mueller, to investigate the president for collusion. This is like something out of a Tom Clancy novel but it isn't. It's real life and it's corruption.


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