Fox & Friends says all “eligible” immigrant children have been reunited with their families but doesn’t mention the parents deported without their kids 

Following the July 27 deadline for the Trump administration to reunite families separated at the border, Fox & Friends announced that “more than 1,400” children were back with their parents but failed to note the more than 400 parents who were deported without their kids.

During a headlines segment, Fox’s Jillian Mele mentioned the “eligible migrant children” who have been reunited with their parents, and she also briefly noted that more than 700 children were deemed ineligible “because their parents have criminal records, are not in the country, or have cases under review.” She did not, however, explain to viewers that the parents of more than 400 of the separated children have already been deported from the United States, without their children. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen has refused to specify a deadline by which these families will be reunited. From the July 27 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends

JILLIAN MELE (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): All eligible migrant children are reunited with their families just in time for the court-ordered deadline. The feds say more than 1,400 kids are now with their parents after being separated at the southern border. Three hundred seventy-eight were given to other guardians or sponsors in the U.S. Officials say 711 kids remain in shelters because their parents have criminal records, are not in the country, or have cases under review. That’s a look at your headlines. I’ll send it to you.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): So they made the deadline?

MELE: Yes.