Fox & Friends Relies On Flawed Timeline In Attempt To Revive Baseless Attack On Clinton's iPad Use

Fox & Friends repeatedly hyped an old, flawed claim that Hillary Clinton's iPad use contradicts her previous statement that she established a personal email account to facilitate the use of a single mobile device. However, this speculation relies on a flawed timeline to ignore the fact that the iPad did not exist until the year after Clinton's personal email account was established.

Newly Released Email Shows Clinton Receiving An iPad

Politico: Aide Philippe Reines Alerted Clinton To The Arrival Of Her iPad In June 2010. From Politico's report on the batch of Clinton emails released on August 31:

Philippe Reines emailed Clinton in June 2010 letting her know that her iPad -- or as he put it in the subject line, the “hPad” -- had arrived.

“That is exciting news -- do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to Kyev next week?” Clinton said. [Politico, 9/1/15]

Clinton Previously Explained Personal Email Account Was Established For Convenience Of Using One Mobile Phone

In 2009, Clinton Set Up Email Account For “Convenience” Of Carrying One Mobile Phone. During a March press conference at the United Nations, Hillary Clinton answered questions about her use of a personal email account during her tenure at the State Department, stating that she opted “for convenience” when deciding to streamline her work and personal email onto a single mobile phone platform. Clinton noted that her decision “was allowed by the State Department,” but that in hindsight “it would have been better” to simply carry two phones and operate two email accounts. At no point did she claim to have exclusively accessed her email on a single device:

CLINTON: I opted, for convenience, to use my personal email account, which was allowed by the State Department, because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work, and for my personal emails, instead of two... Looking back, it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two email accounts. I thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. [NBC News, 3/10/15]

Fox & Friends Uses Email To Hype Flawed Claim That Clinton's iPad Use Contradicted Her Previous Statement About Using One Mobile Device

Fox Correspondent Implies Clinton's iPad Use Contradicted Previous Statements. On the September 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, correspondent Doug Luzader implied that Clinton's use of an iPad in addition to her BlackBerry contradicted previous statements made by Clinton:

DOUG LUZADER: [T]here are certainly some very interesting tidbits here. And you remember very early on, Hillary Clinton said the reason why she set up this private in-home server was because she didn't want to have to carry more than one device. Well take a look at this email that surfaced as a result of this dump. An aide says to Hillary Clinton “your iPad has arrived!” So apparently there was another device. Hillary Clinton says “that is exciting news -- do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to Kyev?” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 9/1/15]

Fox Contributor: “Here We Have Direct Evidence That What She Said Just Wasn't True.” Fox & Friends brought up the newly released email again to claim it proves Clinton was lying about why she established a personal email account. Co-host Brian Kilmeade purported, “Now we know for sure when she said that she was not telling the truth. Co-host and network contributor Pete Hegseth agreed, arguing that Reines' email is ”direct evidence that what she said just wasn't true":

KILMEADE: She rushed to the microphones at the U.N. building and she said 'I gotta tell you, the reason I used my private server was out of convenience. I only wanted one device.' Now we know for sure when she said that she was not telling the truth.

HASSELBECK: And we know that through this email, right Pete?

HEGSETH: Yeah we've got an email from the 7,000, one was an email from an adviser talking about her iPad that's arrived. So Philippe Reines says “your iPad has arrived” and Hillary Clinton says “that is exciting news -- do you think you can teach me to use it on the flight to Kyev next week?” So, here we have direct evidence that what she said just wasn't true. She didn't even know how to use it, she's receiving it. Not a lot of convenience in an iPad you don't know how to use that you're going to be emailing from. I mean it just drips and drips out. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 9/1/15]

...But The iPad Did Not Debut Until 2010, After Clinton's Email Account Was Established

CNN: “Apple Released The iPad In 2010, A Year After Clinton Took Over At State.” A March 31 CNN report highlighted the partisan attempts to smear Clinton for using an iPad and a BlackBerry, but noted that she could not have acquired the device “until 2010, a year after Clinton took over at State.”

Republicans pounced on the AP revelation on Tuesday. The RNC blasted the story to reporters, arguing it that Clinton “was not being truthful when she claimed to have built her secret server for the 'convenience' of using one device.”

A source close to Clinton, however, argued on Tuesday that “the AP reporting on her iPad use later on during her time at State does not contradict her UN comments at all.”

“She said her reason for opting for one email account in 2009 was a desire to not have to carry more than one device around,” the source said. “And in the second sentence of the above statement, she specifies that the extra device she was seeking to avoid was 'a second phone.'” [, 3/31/15]

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