Fox & Friends promotes Republican fundraiser page for “conservative squad”

On Thursday, the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends aired a segment featuring four Republican women running for Congress as part of a “‘conservative squad’ to combat socialism” and plugged their website, which turned out to be just a fundraising page with no additional information.

The segment kicked off with an ad from one of the women targeting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other members of the so-called “Squad,” a group of first-term congresswomen who are all people of color; they are frequent targets of bigoted and deranged attacks by President Donald Trump and conservative media. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt also allowed the GOP candidates to push the lie that Democrats in Congress are too focused on impeachment to get anything else done.

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Citation From the December 12, 2019, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends    

At the end of the segment, Earhardt plugged the group’s website for viewers who “want more information.” But as Reason senior editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown noted on Twitter, there’s no information on the site beyond donation details. The page also features the above Fox & Friends segment.

One of the candidates noted -- and the fundraising page also says -- that the group will donate some of the money raised to Republican candidates running against members of “The Squad.” One such candidate, running against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), had her campaign account suspended from Twitter for posting tweets calling for Omar’s execution.