On Fox & Friends, President Trump's lawyer calls for FBI agents to be “imprisoned”

Rudy Giuliani: “Those FBI agents” named in DOJ IG's report “should be fired today and imprisoned next week”

From the June 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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RUDY GIULIANI (PRESIDENT TRUMP'S ATTORNEY): The [DOJ] IG report basically tells you that both prongs of the Mueller investigation are either corrupt or answered. The second one, the obstruction of justice, this report is a complete and absolute explanation of why Comey had to be fired. So how can it be on obstruction of justice? Every reason for firing him is laid out here. He usurped the power of the attorney general. He leaked information illegally. He had a department that was leaking like a sieve at the higher level, please, not the agents in the New York office, not the agents in the Washington office. And the lawyers and agents around him were leaking information in exchange for gifts. That's called bribery. You know, that's what the Knapp Commission was about for the New York City Police Department. But here, it wouldn't be the entire FBI. It would be the people around Comey. 

So, this thing has to change from an investigation of the Trump administration for collusion, which is a made up charge by Peter Strzok who said, I'm going to get Trump, I'm going to stop him, I'm going to get him out of the White House, should become an investigation of Comey, those FBI agents, who should be fired today and imprisoned next week.


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