On Fox & Friends, Mark Levin denounces “this coup that is taking place” against President Trump

From the August 3 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MARK LEVIN (LIFE, LIBERTY, AND LEVIN): What we're doing in this country now is very troublesome to me. This attempt to sabotage this president, this coup that is taking place and make no mistake it is, the Democrats want the president out by hook or by crook. I see this nation like this right now: I see the status progressives who are upset. They didn't control the next election. They thought they would get four more years of Obama through Hillary, and then they thought they would control the executive branch for the next 30 or 40 years and run the tables with their agenda. And they failed, and they've been resistant ever since. They've been obstructing ever since. 


LEVIN: In my little dream world, if I were leading the Trump legal team and he gave me my mind to do what I wanted to I do, I'd walk into Mr. Mueller and I would say, “Let me tell you something, buddy. You've been violating the Constitution for a year and a half. You know what the rules are at the Department of Justice and the two memos that they have, you can't indict a sitting president. We know you're trying to set up our president. You're trying to take down one branch of the federal government in violation of the Constitution. I'll see you in court.”


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