Fox & Friends lashes out at college lecture that compared asylum seekers in caravans to other refugee groups

From the February 26 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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CABOT PHILLIPS (CAMPUS REFORM): The idea certainly is to say that our country must be compassionate, let these people in, and if we don't let them in, then we are now on the side of Nazis and that we're on the side of being anti-immigrant, and bigoted, and xenophobic. And look, in this case, of course there's a room for a debate to be had on immigration, and on the migrant caravan issue, it's a very complex one. But it's not only ahistorical to claim that the plight of migrant caravan people is the same as Jews living under the Nazi regime, it's also offensive to millions of Jews around the country -- or around the world as well. And I think, also, this is kind of the new par for the course on the left where, if you don't like an idea or a person, you compare them to Hitler. If you don't like a certain group of people, you say, “Oh, well, they're on the side of Nazis in this case,” and I think it's sad to see and it stifles real debate. 


PHILLIPS: I think that when you start with that kind of rhetoric, when that's the starting point, I think a lot of people are afraid to bring up questions for fear of being labeled that. And there are many students, I'm sure, that are asking questions about the migrant caravan that say, “Well, look, I'm reading studies that show that the caravan can be used to smuggle in drugs, and sex trafficking, and other horrible things like that,” but they're afraid of being associated with this kind of rhetoric. And also I think that it detracts from the fact that we're a country of laws and, when you start at this point, you ignore the rule of law and the fact that we are a country based on borders and laws. 


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