Fox & Friends’ Kilmeade calls for an end date for the Russia investigation: “Six months is enough”

Fox tries to do damage control the day after a report surfaces that special counsel Robert Mueller is “intensifying” investigation by working with NY attorney general

From the August 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Is it time to end the Russia investigation? One Republican congressman says yes, and soon. He's proposing legislation to kill the special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into the presidential's (sic) ties into Russia six months after it passes. It seems reasonable. Here to explain his new measure is Florida GOP congressman, member of the House Oversight Committee of Government Reform, Ron DeSantis. Congressman, six months is enough. Plus, you had James Comey investigating prior to this. Where's this proposal going? 
REP. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Well, Brian, what we want to do is say very clearly we don't want to fund fishing expeditions, and when Deputy Attorney General [Rod Rosenstein] appointed Mueller, he issued an order that did not identify a crime. He identified a counterintelligence investigation that Comey had been conducting. So you're in a situation where you don't have any limit, you don't have any scope, and what happens is with a special counsel, it's not like the normal prosecutor where have you all these other cases you got to worry about. This is all you're doing. And so, if you don't have an obvious evidence of a crime, your incentive is to just find something. And so, my amendment basically says, look, this thing needs to be limited to the campaign and Russia and it needs to have an end date. If you haven't produced evidence of a crime after almost two years of investigating, because Comey investigated for a year before Mueller was appointed, then at some point we have to move on with the American people's business.
KILMEADE: Does it concern you what you’ve known so far, the fact that they raid [Donald Trump's former campaign chairman] Paul Manafort's house? They are looking at his international contacts. Does it bother you that Robert Mueller reportedly conferring with the archenemy of President Trump, the [New York] Attorney General [Eric] Schneiderman, who’s -- they’ve been going at each other for years. Now they’re conferring directly. Does that bother you or encourage you that they’re trying to get to the end of this?
DESANTIS: It concerns me because a lot of the Manafort stuff happened way before the campaign. Maybe he did stuff two, three years ago. But that's not really -- you don't need a special counsel for that. And then, yeah, the deputy -- attorney general in New York is an archenemy of the president. Mueller brought in these prosecutors, many of them were big Democratic contributors, and, of course, there's been a lot of leaking in this investigation. So, yeah, I've been concerned with how it's been conducted. I mean, we don't know what all is going on, but I know this: The appointing order that Rosenstein issued to appoint Mueller, it invites a fishing expedition because there is no limits to it. Congress needs to provide those limits. 
KILMEADE: Rosenstein seems to be a gift to Democrats and anti-Trumpers that just want to see this president not be successful. The way this was written seems criminal.


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