On Fox & Friends, John Bolton promotes Trump's pullout from the Iran deal

Bolton claims the nuclear deal was “giving Iran cover to get ... deliverable nuclear weapons.” The US intelligence community disagrees

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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PETE HEGSETH (GUEST CO-HOST): Barack Obama, former president, said “it risks eroding America's credibility.” Nancy Pelosi said “it endangers global security” and “defies comprehension.” And of course John Kerry, who's going behind this administration's back and talking to other countries, says “it breaks America's word.” A lot of them say it makes a nuclear Iran more likely, what do you say to these critics? 

JOHN BOLTON (NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER): I think they're 180 degrees wrong. I think this deal was giving Iran cover to get to the objective it's been pursuing for decades, which is deliverable nuclear weapons. This deal was badly negotiated, it was conceived with the wrong view of its consequences for the United States and Iran. I mean, really, it rested on the notion that if we could just resolve the nuclear problem, Iran's behavior would change for the better. Exactly the opposite has taken place. Iran's behavior has gotten worse. It's been more belligerent, more supportive of terrorism, as we can see from what they're doing right now in Iraq and Syria. 


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