Fox & Friends hosts praise Nikki Haley, downplay her history with Trump

Brian Kilmeade says that her record with Trump helps Haley in the primary

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Citation From the February 15, 2023 edition of Fox News's Fox & Friends

PETER DOOCY (FOX CO-HOST):  After watching the Nikki Haley announcement video yesterday, Whoopi was angry that Nikki Haley won't admit that America is not perfect and she doesn't know right from wrong.


BRIAN KILMEADE (FOX CO-HOST): It's going to be fascinating to see President Trump said, gave her a blessing, says you gotta go with your heart, you should run.

But she is on the record I'm not going to run if Donald Trump runs. But she has obviously changed her mind. I think President Trump, a lot of his candidates didn't win, he looks more vulnerable but almost in every poll, he is one or two.

So  on paper – I think – my prediction is, she will gradually gain steam because she knows the issues. She is extremely competent and extremely tough and extremely diverse. She has got the international experience. She knows how to run a state. She knows how to have combat. you know and she knows, she is not afraid if you read her book see how she took on General Kelly. Remember she went back at Larry Kudlow when Larry Kudlow said something one day. She said I am not confused.

So, I think she is going to be formidable. I think she will slowly -- I will tell you one thing about her. No one will ever say she doesn't know what she is talking about or doesn't have experience.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (FOX CO-HOST): Democrats are saying she has flipped-flopped so many times with the Donald Trump issues. But I don't think – she doesn't care what Whoopi Goldberg thinks. She's not going to vote for her.

KILMEADE: I think it helps her. I think it helps her.

EARHARDT:  She is targeting Republicans and independents.

DOOCY: For the primary absolutely. and for, you know, she has already taken some heat -- well, she said she wouldn't run against Donald Trump. Politicians change their mind every day. It's okay for a politician to change their mind. She is going to be with us tomorrow on Fox & Friends, we'll ask her about that and so many things so stick around for the big show tomorrow. In the meantime it's time for more news and Ashley is going to tell us about that air out near the derailment.