Fox & Friends host on Trump backing down on border wall: “I don't understand how he survives this personally for his own legacy”

Guest co-host Jedediah Bila: “This is his signature issue”

From the December 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): He, just last week, was talking about how he wasn't afraid of a shutdown. This is his signature issue. This is what, arguably, he won on, he's been talking about it, and if they don't do it now, what are they going to wait for? So, I don't -- I don't understand how he survives this personally for his own legacy, people are going to say, “This was your key issue. This is what you promised most of all throughout the campaign trail,” and they know that some Republicans are going to cave. Republicans have been caving on this issue for years. They elected this guy to do, in particular, this job. So, I don't understand what happened here. Did you have any insight as to what happened between last week and this week to make him change course so heavily?


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