Fox & Friends host thanks Rep. Devin Nunes for “pointing out collusion between Democrats and the media”

Fox's Pete Hegseth: “You're pointing out the collusion between Democrats and the media. Thank you, Mr. Chairman”

From the February 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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ED HENRY (CO-HOST): And those headlines where they say this Russia probe is real and Nunes is fake. 

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): Yeah, well, look, this is -- I think we've had -- the one thing that's clear in this whole Russia fiasco is that the media's dead. There is no -- and I apologize to you guys that are in the media.

HENRY: Pardon me, sir.

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): No, I'll happily separate myself. 

NUNES: But the media's -- the media in this country, the fair and balanced media, is for the most part -- I mean 90 percent of them are hard left. They rely on clicks to make a living. So when they attack people like me, it actually means that I'm over the target, and I'm getting to them because they have to attack me in order, number one, to please their masters, their billionaire masters. And number two, they also have to do it because they're in on this. Don't forget, many of the people that criticize me were shown the memo long before the American people. Or not the memo, they were shown the dossier.

HENRY: Right.

NUNES: They were shown the Christopher Steele dossier in -- back in during the 2016 election. 

HENRY: Chairman Devin Nunes, you've been ahead of the curve. Pardon me, you've been ahead of the curve. We're running out of time. We appreciate you coming in exclusively and we'll have you back very soon. Thank you, sir.

HEGSETH: You're pointing out the collusion between Democrats and the media. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Appreciate your time.


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