Fox & Friends host to people questioning the Soleimani assassination: You just have to trust Trump

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Citation From the January 6, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

AINSLEY EARHARDT (HOST): It's so interesting that people are critical of the president's decisions, of our intelligence community's decisions, our general's decisions.

STEVE DOOCY (HOST) They want details.

EARHARDT: General Tata said -- well, they can't have it. Everything can't be made public. We heard Pompeo over the weekend saying everything that we have, the intelligence community has, he said I ran the CIA at one point we can't release everything. We can't release all of our intelligence information. We will release as much as we can, but you just have to trust us basically. And General Tata said it makes us more safe. He agreed with killing this general, this evil terrorist. He says it goes to show how ridiculous our divide is that they support Soleimani over president's decision. It counters everything that I learned as a soldier.

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Just keep in mind, if you are going to be critical of the president for not hitting Iran after they killed -- took out our drone and not hitting Iran after they rocketed the Saudi oil bases and not going after Iran after they tried mining the gulf. You can't also be critical of the president when he does take action.

EARHARDT: They were trying to take out our embassy.

KILMEADE: Yeah, they go, "How could the president let our embassy get breached and not do anything?" Well he does something and these same people are going "oh my God, How could the president do something?"