Fox & Friends host: Democrat Conor Lamb, the likely winner of PA special election, “is an exception”

Hosts claim Lamb “ran as a Republican,” ignoring that he is pro-union, pro-stabilizing the ACA, pro-legal abortion, and opposed to Trump’s tax cuts for the rich

From the March 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Meanwhile, as -- because it's too close to call, we haven't called it yet, although Mr. Lamb has said that he's the big winner out there. Keep in mind, he will only be the congressman for that particular district until November because that's when they're going to have another election and that particular district is going to disappear for the most part. And as you look at how he won, he ran as a Republican. The Democrat ran as a Republican and won.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Because this district is changing, they could actually run against each other if they both decide to run again in November because their houses are in different districts now that it's been split.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Yeah, or they could run for separate seats and they're going to have to declare by May. So, hey, congratulations. For a month, enjoy the job and then start running again. But it's going to be very interesting. If you're looking at clues to success, if you're a Democrat, so you have got to say, “I have to run from current leadership.” You have got to say, “I have to not disagree with President Trump” because he was not taking on Trump on almost anything. He was, he was obviously a Marine so military background helps. He was pro-the tax cut. 

EARHARDT: Pro-gun. 

KILMEADE: He was pro-tariff. He was pro-ICE. So I mean this guy ran, and a prosecutor. So he ran very moderate. So for Democrats to be successful, do they have to run from Elizabeth Warren. 

EARHARDT: This is an exception.

KILMEADE: They have to run from Bernie Sanders. 


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