Fox & Friends Host Caught Rewriting History In Glowing Interview Of GOP's Scott Brown

Fox News proved that love is blind in its latest interview with former Fox employee and current Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown.

With less than a week before the 2014 midterm elections, Brown was welcomed on the set of Fox & Friends with no disclosure of his prior affiliation with the network. Instead, hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade praised Brown for “doing really well” in the polls and getting “within two points” of Shaheen. Kilmeade added: “I think both sides are saying you're one of the finest politicians they've seen because you like people.”

Fox's softball questions didn't attempt to delve into Brown's platform, instead echoing Brown's own attacks on Shaheen's voting record. Doocy mistakenly congratulated Brown, who was elected Massachusetts Senator during Obama's presidency in 2010, for having an independent record under the Bush administration and claimed that, unlike Brown, Shaheen has served as a “rubber stamp” for her party's policies:

DOOCY: You just touched on something. When you were in the U.S. Senate you were not a rubber stamp, an automatic rubber stamp for George Bush's policies. However, you've been very effective in this particular senate race. Jean Shaheen has been a rubber stamp for President Obama.

BROWN: I was there with President Obama, not with President Bush, but that is correct, I was the most independent senator in the United States Senate. Senator Shaheen is the most partisan. So, we need to change direction.

Doocy failed to mention that his line about Shaheen being a “rubber stamp for President Obama” comes directly from the Brown campaign. During an October 6 debate Brown said, “You will have a clear choice, someone who is rubber stamping for the president's policies or someone who will be independent on the issues.” Brown's “rubber stamp” attack has also been echoed by the Republican National Committee on Brown's behalf.

Fox has a long history of working to boost the electoral prospects of its former employees and has given Brown a particularly cozy platform to promote his campaigns. While Brown was still employed at Fox, its hosts repeatedly asked him whether he planned to run again, calling it a “terrific” idea. Brown has also said that his time at Fox “really charged me up to” run. Since his primary victory in New Hampshire, the network has repeatedly offered him free airtime to attack Shaheen.