Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade on migrant children being detained: “You're never going to have a Hyatt at the border”

Acting ICE director admits to Fox that there is “some truth” to reports about horrible conditions where these migrants are detained

From the June 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): Mark, one of the concerns is about the detained migrant children and the conditions that they may be in. And one of the accusations is that they are in unsanitary conditions. How accurate is that? 

MARK MORGAN (ACTING ICE DIRECTOR): So they're absolutely some truth to that and that's why we've been asking Congress for a very long time to pass this supplement. Again, the border patrol stations, they were designed for adults to -- only for a few hours and be removed. They're over, I mean, they are overcrowded, they've got hundreds of children in there. We don't want them in those conditions either. We want to get them out of there but we need funding so HHS can get the adequate breath space, but this is absolutely up to Congress. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Mark, you're never going to have a Hyatt at the border. It's never going to be great, that's never what the intention (sic). 

MORGAN: That's absolutely right. And that's another thing, it's like a police station. I mean people know what a police station looks like. Like you said, it's not the Hyatt but specifically with kids, we do want kids out of the those facilities. Kids should not be in those facilities, but again this comes down to funding. We've been pleading with Congress to pass this supplemental so we can get the kids out of there and they've been sitting on their hands. It's -- and then they vilify border patrol and ICE when they could solve this problem. 


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