Fox & Friends host and guests lash out over Gillette #MeToo ad

Brian Kilmeade: It's like “showing a man breaking into a house, knocking over the furniture, stealing money out of the safe, and saying, 'Let's stop this bad behavior, buy my razor.'”

From the January 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): If you want to get a man to buy it, it's like, to me, in a way, you're saying -- showing a man breaking into a house, knocking over the furniture, stealing the money out of the safe, and saying, “let's stop this bad behavior, buy my razor.” So, let's point out all the bad things that you might say about men, put them into an ad, make men feel horrible, and then say, “overpay for a razor because it's so hard to match the handle you have anyway, you end up buying the whole unit.”

CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): That's the danger here, what does the term mean, “toxic masculinity”? We don't need Gillette to tell us not to raise our boys to be bullies, not to raise our boys to be misogynists. I don't think we need them to do that -- in fact, essentially what we're looking at is another form of corporate virtue signalling. Gillette trying to appeal, I guess, to millennial men, but, the fact of the matter is that they're losing market share in millennial men to several rivals who are making blades that are just as good, but at lower prices. So, these kinds of things can be offensive. Obviously, you know, there are some changes in this country that are for the good. I was bullied big time as a kid, so, we do want to see certain changes, but I'm not sure we need Gillette to tell us what those changes are.


DARRIN PORCHER (US ARMY VETERAN): The men are actually the minority, they're not the majority in the United States. We're not R. Kelly and Harvey Weinstein. The truth of the matter is, that's a small component. The larger, broader perspective are men that treat women equally. I reflect back on my experiences as a member of the United States military. I was an officer in the Army. We came down hard on people that treated women in a negative perspective. In addition to that, I was a lieutenant in the NYPD. We had strong directives in terms of welcoming women into the NYPD and policing accordingly. So, going back into what this ad represents is an atrocity, and we should be seen as equal to women, not as beneath.


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