Fox & Friends Hides Hillary Clinton's Condemnation Of South Carolina Flying Confederate Flag

What's Hillary Hiding?

Fox & Friends co-hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy baselessly speculated that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would remain silent on South Carolina's Confederate flag out of deference to her husband's actions as governor of Arkansas. However, Clinton said in a 2007 interview with the Associated Press that South Carolina should remove the flag from its statehouse grounds.

On the June 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, Hasselbeck pointed out that while most of the GOP presidential field has weighed in on South Carolina's decision to continue flying the Confederate flag on its state house grounds in the wake of last week's mass shooting in a black, historically activist church in Charleston, Hillary Clinton has not yet made a statement. She speculated that Clinton's silence may be “because Bill Clinton, her husband, signed a law honoring the Confederacy in Arkansas and about the flag's design in 1987,” while he was governor of Arkansas, going on to say, “She's just in a tough spot, to have to defend her husband's position back then, right now in light of what happened in South Carolina.”

However, as the Clinton campaign pointed out to BuzzFeed, Clinton unequivocally told the Associated Press in 2007 that she would “like to see it removed from the Statehouse grounds,” saying,“I think about how many South Carolinians have served in our military and who are serving today under our flag and I believe that we should have one flag that we all pay honor to, as I know that most people in South Carolina do every single day.” Clinton was running for the Democratic presidential nomination at the time.

The Fox hosts also failed to note that while several of the 2016 GOP presidential candidates have made statements on the Confederate flag, none openly condemned it -- Scott Walker said the decision to fly the flag is a “state issue” and Marco Rubio said that “outsiders” should not tell South Carolina what to do.

Clinton has spoken about racism in the wake of the Charleston shooting, which claimed nine lives. Speaking on Saturday, she said, “Race remains a deep fault line in America ... Millions of people of color still experience racism in their everyday lives.”

Meanwhile, most of Fox News' coverage of the shooting failed to take the shooter's allegedly racist motivations seriously. On June 18, Doocy said it was extraordinary that the shooting would be called a hate crime. And on his radio program, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade wondered, “Is it about Christians? Is it about white-black? Is it about 'I hate South Carolina'?”