Fox & Friends guest tells host a border wall wouldn't help with security

Guest who was brought on to promote Senate GOP bill ends up arguing against Trump's proposed border wall

From the January 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): It was Nancy Pelosi in the last six months or so go -- she said, “I am a master legislator.” Well, legislate. And one of the things when you legislate is, you get a deal, and, to get a deal, both sides wind up getting something. Both sides don't walk away empty-handed. In this proposal that the president made on television on Saturday, the Democrats are getting a lot of the things they have wanted in the past. An extension on DACA, other things, lot of money for humanitarian purposes. But, they seem so inflexible about, we don't want to give him a nickel for that stinking wall.

ALI NOORANI (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL IMMIGRATION FORUM): You know, so we work with a lot of folks along the border, from law enforcement, to mayors, to business leaders, and they tell us, you know what? Putting up a big wall, that doesn't really help them from a security perspective or from a trade perspective. So, we think that if we're going to secure our border, let's put money at ports of entry. That's where drugs are being smuggled. That's where the security threats are. So, we think that -- we can figure out what's a wall, what's a fence. But let's focus on the ports of entry, because that's where the threat is. 


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