Fox & Friends guest: Senate Democrats put Kavanaugh through “torture”

Tom Fitton: “It was torture, and it was really unethical”

From the September 28 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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TOM FITTON (PRESIDENT, JUDICIAL WATCH): Despite this big circus of a hearing, it didn't advance the ball in terms of providing, “Oh my gosh, he certainly did it,” or anything that would suggest that you can't trust anything this woman said -- other than the fact she had no corroborating evidence and no one supported her. But, of course, we knew that the day before the hearing, and we didn't need a hearing to know what we now know today. Which is why his case -- or his confirmation's going to go to a vote later today because nothing new happened yesterday other than the circus. 

And I'm glad the Republicans are shutting the circus down. I don't think they'd move to the committee vote if they didn't think they had the votes to move him out of committee and ultimately to confirmation. So, despite the torture -- and it was torture, and it was really unethical what the Senate Democrats put him through in league with their leftist allies -- it looks like Judge Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court justice by the middle of next week. 


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