Fox & Friends guest on reports of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh: “We're smearing a poor man's reputation”

Carrie Severino: “The pattern I see is, it is something that looks like a partisan smear”

From the September 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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CARRIE SEVERINO (JUDICIAL CRISIS NETWORK): The real common theme here is, each one, when you start kind of pressing on it, it crumbles. 


We're smearing a poor man's reputation over, “I think he was in the room, I saw him adjust his pants but I can't say for sure.” 35-year-old allegations that, again, everyone else who was supposed to have been there denied. These most recent -- the Avenatti ones are truly horrific, but, also, simultaneously, very difficult to understand kind of internally and consistent of going, how would this process even have worked? So, I think it's really turning into a circus. But, you see them, as each allegation falls apart, they bring out a new one. And some of them -- one of the ones yesterday even was recanted before it was even a few hours old. So, it's really getting wild here. 


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): What do you say to people who are looking at all of these things, and you're saying holes in these stories, and you're right -- and say, but you do see a pattern. What do you say to people who say, “Well, there's a pattern here”?

SEVERINO: Yeah, there's a pattern of unsubstantiated and later discredited allegations that are being pushed forward by the Democrats. I'm not saying each of these people is getting in a conspiracy. I'm saying every time the Democrats get a whiff of anything, they are trying to bring someone forward, push them into the limelight, and it's also particularly craven here, because they were going for a long time on FBI investigation talking point. “We need the FBI to investigate.” Which one of these allegations was submitted to the FBI? None of them. When the Democrats found out that Ms. Ramirez, for example, they didn't bring her to the FBI. They brought her to The New Yorker. Well, point fact, they brought her to The New York Times first and The New York Times could not corroborate her story. So then they went to The New Yorker. Apparently Michael Avenatti also tried to shop it to the media. He couldn't even get the media to pick up. They said they couldn't find corroboration, so he just went straight to Twitter. So, this is really an abuse of the process. If there were serious allegations, please, and for goodness sake, repeated gang rapes in the Maryland area? The police should be looking into it if they weren't looking into it. 


SEVERINO: The pattern I see is, it is something that looks like a partisan smear. I sense more than a whiff of desperation around this whole thing. 


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