Fox & Friends guest mocks Joe Biden for having a stutter

“Haven't we heard enough stuttering Vice President Joe Biden?”

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Citation From the October 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (HOST): Tony, I'm curious to hear your thoughts about the debate on Thursday. Because the commission has now decided while Donald Trump is giving his answer, those first two minutes they will mute Biden and vice versa. So those first two minutes we can hear exactly how they feel about each of these issues. How do you think this is going to go? Will it go smoothly? 

TONY KATZ (RADIO HOST): This is a miserable idea. First of all, we live in the age of interaction. Let America do the muting and why not shock collars? Let's have a good time with it all the way around.

But the bigger story here is that we are the ones that don't get to hear President Trump or Vice President Biden. They are going to hear each other. So now you have Vice President Biden with Donald Trump disagreeing with him or interrupting him possibly and all you'll hear is a stuttering Vice President Joe Biden. Haven't we heard enough stuttering Vice President Joe Biden? Is this really the imagery the Democratic party wants to put out there? It's a mistake on their part more than anything.