Fox & Friends guest: “The left has a problem with evil ... they don't hate evil. Leftism hates people who fight evil.”  

Dennis Prager: “Donald Trump's moral compass is much more steady than” those of liberals who won't call MS-13 “animals”

From the May 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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DENNIS PRAGER (CONSERVATIVE RADIO HOST): There's something wrong with us if we can't call such people animals. It's literally the opposite of what he said. Why he wrote it, though, I understand. There are two big reasons. First, the left has a problem with evil. They hate, they don't hate evil. Leftism hates people who fight evil. That is why when Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union the evil empire, they attacked Ronald Reagan. They didn't attack the Soviet Union. They have a big problem with calling evil  “evil.”  And the other is, this -- they like to feel good about themselves. Oh, I am noble. I won't use such language. But that's absurd. That is the way the human species says you know what? You have done things that are so awful, that you have disqualified yourself from our group. That's -- that is our way of maintaining that the notion of human is not a biological term, but a moral term. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): If you talk to the parents of those two young girls that were brutally murdered out on Long Island, they couldn't even recognize these young girls. They were chopped up with machetes. 

PRAGER: Yeah. 

EARHARDT: I wonder what their parents would call these MS-13 gang members? 

PRAGER: Right. 

EARHARDT: Why is the left, why won't they call them, why are they so afraid to call them animals? 

PRAGER: Well, for one thing I bet you if Barack Obama had called them animals this piece by E.J. Dionne in The Washington Post never would have been written. This is just another way in which the theory is, if we can attack President Trump, we will do it in any way we can. And I don't believe they ever would have written this had Barack Obama said that. But here's the irony. Donald Trump's moral compass is much more steady than The Washington Post columnist's is. That's the irony of this. With all his sins, and with all his shenanigans, and with all his exploits or sexploits, he has a moral compass that's clear. This is what these people are.


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